Rugby union

when was the first World Cup?
The first rugby World Cup was held in 1987 hosted by Australia and New Zealand.

How made rugby union ?

Many believe that rugby was made born in 1823 William Webb Ellis with fine disregard for rules

how many are in a rugby team

in a rugby team there is 22 player In a team 15 on the Feld and 7 on the bench

How old was William Webb Ellis when he came up with the Idea of the rugby?

William Webb Ellie’s was 17years old when came up with the Idea of rugby and a student of rugby school.


Have a go at my quiz comment your answers
This is the positions of a rugby union team


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  1. Tarquin,

    I really like how you have shared your love of rugby with everyone this term in Inquiry. The clinics you ran with the students in our learning centre were great!! You showed great leadership and responsibility.
    You have tried really hard to find out some interesting information about the history and development of rugby.
    Well done!

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