perspective of the wolf

story little red ridding hod

I can under sand a perspective of a  character

I was just walking in the woods I saw a little girl and I asked her “what are you doing in the woods little girl””I’m going to see my grandma and give her some cup cakes”said little red ridding rod I said to my self “good i can go to grandma and put here under her bed and i will dress up like her  grandma  set in here bed and wait for little red ridding rod to come over

that is my perspective of the wolf for little red ridding hod

Quiz time

story horton hatches the egg

1.why did the bird not won’t to set on the egg?

because the bird was tied of sitting on the egg.

2.why did’t the bird show Responsibility?

because the bird was bored of sitting on the egg

3.why did the elephant show Responsibility?

because the elephant wanted to be a good friend

Reflection on term 2
What I want to do more of : I would like to play rugby/afl outside for 1 hour and 15 minutes

What I learnt : I learnt about rugby union

What I liked doing this term : I liked doing the rugby/afl

All I remember of the lost in the rainforest
That the plane crusted into the rainforest very body died but jade and Matthew or Andrew I do not know
They got out of the plane and worked into the rainforest and went past a numbers of dangerous animals such as snakes ants crocodile and elective eels
Eventually they found found a village they leant how to hunt and live in the forest and there dad came and found them

Week 4 term 4
Something I have enjoyed this week
Lighting premiership because it is fun and we won.

Sport because it’s fun.
Specialists because it’s fun.
pencil case designing because it was interesting.

Something I have this week
Angles in Maths because something’s I did not no.
I learnt how to make a scrolls in art .
Learning about hearing aides in auslan .

My goals for next week
To finish my work.

Week 6 reflection

I enjoyed play a sport I made with friends,
playing outside,

I learnt about poppies,
rememberane day

Goal to make a rugby ball by next year July 27 or end of year

Week 8 term 4

What I enjoy
OLSC got talent Because it is fun and I was a judging
Specialist because I finish most of my work
Completing some of my work
What I have learnt
To upload work on the blog
To use a spreadsheet
Learning about the ‘first person’.
My goal
To finish my must do’s
And to finish my procedure


2 thoughts on “English

  1. Hi Tarquin,

    I like how you have told the story of Little Red Riding Hood from the perspective of the wolf. You have shown an example of how a story can be different if it is told from a different perspective. Well done.

    I’d love to see a lot more of your English Must Do tasks on your blog though.


  2. Hi Tarquin,

    I know that you are doing some great work in English this term, but I can’t see any of it on your blog. Could you please make sure you begin uploading work on to your blog.


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